buildings designed with a flourish

8 Spruce Street

Beekman Tower: the highest apartment building in New York designed by Frank Gehry. In Lower Manhattan, near the Brooklyn Bridge, was the highest in New York City building with apartments for rent. The designer of a modern high-rise building is a Frank Gehry.

Address of the new skyscraper in New York City is 8 Spruce Street. The building has 76 floors and 265 meters high. Stainless steel facade is undulating, full of indentations and curves, giving the appearance of the original building. Skyscraper construction costs 875 million dollars.

Its twisted and wavy design attracts glance and changing face of the city. – 8 Spruce Street stands out even in this extraordinary panorama like this in Manhattan. This is a major new architectural symbol of New York. A skyscraper is the work of architect Frank Gehry. Outclassed 220 other skyscrapers around the world, which were reported to the competition of the most beautiful skyscraper. The building contains 903 apartments ranging from 50 to 150 meters. Each of them has a unique design and the first of them was hired in 2011. The apartments on the top floors to be completed by 2012. Price of rent can be as high as 15 thousand of dollars a month.

8 Spruce Street

Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai is  beating all possible records. The total height of this gigantic building is 828 meters. The 300 meters more than Taipei 101.

Pearl of the building is the Armani Hotel, the first of four in the world. It occupies the ground floor and the first 9 floors. Italian designer Giorgio Armani, who is responsible for the design of the hotel, designed and located on next 7 floors Armani Residences apartments, the price of which amounted to 37.5 thousand USD per square meter. It’s still less than the price of a square meter of office space which is – 43 thousand USD.

Construction work began in January 2004. Skidmore Owings and Merrill (SOM) company  of Chicago has created the project. Architects gradually decided to extend the building, originally planned 560 meters to 650, 705 and finally to 828 meters. The work was completed in August 2009,  the construction team had 12 thousand people, and the height of one floor erected within three days.

The construction of a tall building  bother the unprecedented technical problems – the construction of the building rotated by 120 degrees with respect to the original position to reduce wind pressure on the Persian Gulf. By the wind the tower leans in the highest point of about five feet.

Burj Dubai


The whole structure has 101 floors above ground and 5 floors underground. On the 89th floor is the inside observation room, and on the 91st floor in the world, will only be surpassed by the Shanghai World Financial Center. Taipei 101 was the owner of three out of four titles of the tallest buildings in the world when the skyscraper was built: The building of the highest structural point, the Supreme to the roof and the building of the highest occupied floor. It is one of the few buildings in the world equipped with double-deck elevators. Each elevator is designed with an aerodynamic shape, pressure stabilizer, an emergency braking system, as well as the world’s first anti-overshoot Three-state system. The cost for each of the elevators will be over $ 2 million. The building have got the world’s fastest elevators traveling at speeds of up to 1008 meters for minute (60.48 km / h) and down the 610 m / min. (36.6 km / h). For access to the 90th floor, passengers will need just 39 seconds. The highest speed rate is over 34 percent faster than the current fastest speed elevators located in the Yokohama Landmark Tower. The official opening ceremony of the roof of a skyscraper ceremony took place on July 1, 2003.


Petronas Towers – high-flight offices

Petronas Towers are part of a multifunctional center in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC),located in the heart of the commercial district. Towers rise over 452 meters, these buildings were certified the world’s tallest buildings, the certificate was awarded by the body called “The Tall Buildings and Urban” award was settled in 1996. In this complex have been implemented in the latest technology available at that time. Architecture, derived from Islamic designs composed designed and built with extensive use of local materials. Towers have become a popular example of contemporary architecture in Malaysia, and their elegant form makes this country are the most significant urban landmark. The history of these towers has its beginning in 1981, the Malaysian Government has taken Decision of the development of a 40-acre parcel in the heart of the emerging business district of Kuala Lumpur called the “Golden Triangle”. In 1991 he settled  international competition to design the office complex. First prize went to Cesar Pelli & Company Associates. The supporting structure of each of the towers consists of sixteen rings and cylindrical columns of high strength constructed of reinforced concrete, placed on star-shaped construction, curved rims are joined with the additional features of structural concrete. This architectural masterpiece of art is one of most beautiful office centers in the world. It can be easily your best business card.

Petronas Towers

Beijing Airport 3 – worlds longest building

I believe  that one of the most exciting buildings ever made is new airport I Beijing. The new terminal at Beijing Airport 3, is considered the world’s largest building, was opened before the Olympic Games in China. The terminal was the first point of contact of athletes with Peoples Republic of China who came to the city for the Olympic Games. The building was designed in the shape of a dragon with an aerodynamic roof which supposed to imitate  the motion of the wings during the flight. At more than 1.3 million square meters, the building was the first commercial area   which exceeded one million square meters. It was designed so that it can take more than 50 million passengers to 2020.Terminal which is  covered  by the roof is design in the way that makes the roof one of ​​the world’s largest among such  buildings, architectural project was created in the way that makes this terminal transparent. Skylights provide passengers with streams of natural light, there is also guiding  system which helps visitors in orientation.  Specially marked yellow and blue trails  make it very easy to get to the desired location. Creation of such building is characteristic for China, country which is pretending for an country which aspires to be one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Beijing Airport 3

Kingdom Tower – worlds highest skyscraper

Would you like to rent an office in the highest office in the world? Middle East is fast becoming the new capital of the world’s tallest buildings. Two years ago, Dubai has established new standards in architecture, when the Burj Dubai has built one of the world’s tallest buildings, office building with a height over 1000 meters. Now the country adjacent to Saudi Arabia wants to compete with its neighbor. The contract worth $1 billion is under implementation, Kingdom Tower a building that rises on more than a kilometer high. It seems that the Saudis want shows to show their greatness as a nation and they want to compete witch Dubai . Skyscrapers and artificial islands seem to be the new status symbols  of oil-rich country in the Middle East. Kingdom Tower is set to become another symbol of the region’s economic success. I wonder how many corporations wants to have  have their headquarters there. For sure this location is addressed for biggest companies of global economy as rent in the highest building in the world. Rents must match its high. Probably the price  is worth to pay to have a headquarter in such representative location. I am wondering only what employees of the offices located in Kingdom Tower will  think during sand storm?

Kingdom Tower